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Model L Ludlow Water Circulation Test


1:       Start with the water tank.  Fluid should be 3 4 from the top.


If not okay then fill.

If okay then go to next.


2:       Remove and clean the filter.  Reach down into tank opening and unscrew the filter.  Remove and soak in Kerosene, gasoline or typewash until totally clean then reinstall.


If clean then go to next.


3:       Check the water pump pulley and make sure it is tight on the shaft and the shaft is turning.


If not okay, then tighten pulley or belt.

If Okay then go to next.


4:       Remove the water hose from the line in the back where it goes to the mold.  Hold a cup or something under the line and turn on the machine.


If water does not flow, you may have a bad water pump or clogged line.

If water flows freely go to next.


5:       Replace the water line and remove the one in the front coming out of the mold.  Hold a cup or something under the hose and turn on the machine.


If water does not flow then you may have a clogged hose or a clogged mold.  Replace lines or clean the mold channels.  Call for instructions.  615-754-5500

          If you get good water flow then check the lines into the tank.  Blow air through them or remove and clean out with a straightened coat hanger or similar item.


6:      Water in the tank should be drained and replaced at least once a year.  You should refill the tank with 4.5             gallons of water and antifreeze mixed in a 50/50 mixture and add pint of water soluble oil (Ludlow part             number AM-254).  Clean the inside of the tank the best you can.  The best way to do this is to totally remove             the tank and remove the top so you can get to the whole inside of the tank.


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